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smallaxe features

Essential functionality that grows with your business.

Industry-leading Data Retention

Store and search up to a year of events at the lowest per-GB price in the industry.

First Class Agents

Our low-overhead, native agents for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and RaspberryPI provide flow control, offline caching, and use industry-proven end-to-end encryption.

Complete Logging Solution

Collect logs and events, store them in the cloud, and analyze them with lightening-fast search. A fresh, intuitive UI and powerful regular expression searches, ensures you can find a needle in your data haystack.

Secure by Design

Employing encryption at rest and in transit, man-in-the-middle protection, and the scale to handle massive bursts in traffic, smallaxe is in your compliance corner, regardless of subscription plan.

Cloud Scale

Send 100's of TB of events per day. Utilizing infrastructure provided by AWS, all tiers of the smallaxe service scale horizontally essentially unlimited capacity.

Cloud-based Agent Configuration

Avoid the headache of command line flags and config files. Our agents are designed to be fully centrally managed from the smallaxe web console.

Data Pipeline Integrations

Import and export data across external services, including S3, slack, email, and more.

Forensically Sound Logs

We facilitate best practices security incident handling with immutable storage, strictly ordered messages, and the ability to provide court ready sealed evidence with chain-of-custody documentation.

On-prem Syslog and TCP Listeners

Securely ship network Syslog and Raw TCP traffic through any of our on-prem agents.

Zero-Config Agent Installation

Live in two minutes: simply run our MSI, DEB, or RPM installer - no API keys or config files required!