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About Us

smallaxe was founded with the mission of building the cloud logging solution we longed for over many decades as Sys/Net Admins and IT Security Consultants.

Aligned Pricing

As security incident handlers, enterprise logs were the authoritative source of investigative data. All too often, we were told that logs from certain applications or environments were not retained due to cost - it was heartbreaking.

We engineered a log ingestion and analytics platform with the goal of aligned pricing: with minimal $1/GB fees your team can confidently store logs from throughout the organization, for as long as they provide value.

With smallaxe you can afford to include non-production environments in central logging, and can search back in your logs for up to a year.

Enterprise Scale

Our agents are trivial to deploy across an organization, and work well with tools like SCCM, Chef, and Ansible. All agent configuration can be accomplished from the smallaxe web console, so you don’t have to worry about configuration files, command line flags, or even API keys!

The native Syslog listener can be enabled on any agent, allowing you to securely ship local syslog traffic to smallaxe. This feature supports easy “drop in” replacement for legacy logging/SEIM products and can be deployed in under an hour. The native Windows agents supports enriched Event Logs as well as text files (such as those created by IIS).

smallaxe provides an end-to-end logging solution that can scale with your business.

smallaxe Leadership

Randy Else

Randy Else is the CEO and co-founder of smallaxe, where he leads business development. Randy regularly works with customers to identify new product features and usability enhancements.

Randy has almost three decades of experience in IT consulting with XOR Inc. and AppliedTrust, primarily focused on networking, network security, and compliance. Randy is passionate about problem solving and identifying simple, elegant solutions.

Randy holds a degree in Economics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Randy has held his CISSP since 2006 and was a PCI QSA from 2009-2018.

Ned McClain

Ned McClain is CTO and co-founder of smallaxe, where he leads product development and customer success. Ned spends his days helping customers with interesting observability challenges.

Ned has two decades of experience in IT consulting and software development, focusing on web-scale architecture, security incident handling, and software development strategy. Prior to smallaxe, Ned co-founded AppliedTrust, a provider of IT security and network/systems infrastructure consulting services that was acquired in 2015.

Ned holds a CS degree from Cornell University’s College of Engineering and is a contributing author to the UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook. Ned has been developing for the web since 1994, was a lecturer in CU Boulder’s CS department, and was a founder of the Telluride TechFest.